Assignments… Oh Yeah!


Here is the page with the weekly Science Extension and Application (S.E.A) assignments will be posted.  There will also be links to helpful articles and other resources scattered in for fun.

This week’s article of choice…

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Quarter 1  Homework:



80 thoughts on “Assignments… Oh Yeah!

  1. Hi mr.russo cool blog i wanted to say for the week 6 s.e.a one awesome science thing here it is. Science is awesome mostly because your the teacher of it and i love the experimenting and
    observing. I could now find tesla but i still love the game.(:


  2. Hey Mr.Russo its me Gabby From russo’s minions. Science Is Awesome Beacause You Can experiment. Also because I have it With Mr.Russo.!!!! 🙂

  3. Mr.Ruso
    This is my first blog ever! But now I don’t know what what to say.
    The science article that I am writing is, science is AWSOME!

  4. Science is awesome because everything has something to do with science, if it’s air then it’s the air molecules… and that’s science! Science is fun, entertaining,and educating. Science helps with let’s say all classes in school. Science is the universe! Science is us. I used to be horrible at Science in elementary, in 5th grade at my other school, I failed Science. Now here in 6th grade at this school, I am getting A’s all year in Science and I’ve been getting A+ on all the tests! I know it’s Mr.Russo and he’s the one I got to thank for being the best Science teacher ever! Some weeks I enjoy doing homework, and I love doing science experiments the most. I am really happy for summer, but I will miss Science in 6th grade with Mr.Russo!!!

    • HI Mr. Rouso WESE I like your blog it nice ok so I so your how did what sidkick good but great ok I like it ok so good ok l lol have fun you is a great ticher ok we mittle have are bad days and good days ok jast be so funny ok see you to .favort .thing a bout classe ok lololo ok tomorrow?……… thakes mr. rouso

  5. hey Russo I mean Mr.Russo I just subscribed to u and I know I am going to love this years science with u because ur awesome and im awesome and awesomeness from everyone else will make it explode with even more awesomeness then we will get work done while being physic and awesome. soo sorry it doesn’t make sense (tho science doesn’t make sense to me either YET)

  6. Hey its aaliyah from your forth hour and ur really cool u made me like science one awesome thing about science I like is how u explain stuff and it helps me alot

  7. I think science is AWESOME because it gives you an excuse to do AWESOME things like experiments with chemicals and other stuff like that.

  8. H Mr. Russo, this is Scottie from Fact Panda. I just wanted to say that I really like the magic tricks you showed us yesterday.

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